Here at Alphacore-Consulting we’re passionate about Microsoft software & technology. We’re a consultancy setup to help our customers become the front-runners & trend setters in their respective market making sure their business objectives are exceeded and quality software is delivered. Everything we do is enshrined by Alphacore-Consulting’s core values which are:


Our customer’s business goals are achieved via careful planning and problem identification early on during the software life-cycle process. We believe what we do will exceed your expectations because we believe in these philosophies. Proof of concept’s will be crafted right from the get go to in order to seek resolutions. Progress will then be demonstrated in customizable cycles allowing change to be easily incorporated into the product through our delivery model. This is how we incorporate the value of results with integrity into our vision.

Transparent Communication

You will never be left in any doubt as we provide continual feedback and customer input back into our delivery model at every step of the way. We believe it’s important to be honest with you and communicate options to you in any situation that may arise through the delivery of your product. You will have all the information and options at hand so you can make the best decisions which in turn translates into a quality product.


If it’s not done according to specifications or if you’re unhappy with our services then talk to us then we’ll endeavour to put things right at no additional cost. We’re sure it won’t come to that, everything we do is tested for quality, from unit testing, automated regression testing, system integration testing, user acceptance testing, load testing, performance testing and more, its all engrained into our product delivery model. We’ll also advise you on the latest industry trends to make sure that the technology integrated into your product is compatible with the latest concepts within the software domain. We’ll make your product extensible so it can adapt to industry changes ensuring you’re always up to date. This is how we ensure quality, not only we will promise you this, but we’ll implement any suggestions our customers have into the product delivery model itself resulting in an experience that’s truly flexible and evolutionary.

We’re keen to assist you, so don’t hesitate to contact us now.